Drain the Swamp!

When is the public going to start rising up in anger against the ongoing collective stench that’s coming out of the Houses of Parliament? No matter what happens when our supposedly elected MPs continue to break rules which they set for both themselves and the general public, there seems to be a collective shrug. Conservative… Read More Drain the Swamp!

Budget Blues

Chancellor Rishi Sunak hopes the measures that he put in this year’s Budget will be enough to divert attention from the serious failings of the Conservative government. In spite of the problems caused mainly by the UK’s departure from the European Union and the response to tackling the coronavirus pandemic, most commentators, even those on… Read More Budget Blues

Afghanistan Betrayed

So, that’s it. The Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan. Both the US and UK governments had already withdrawn military and other personnel, leaving the ordinary citizens fearful for their future. The threat of terror attacks worldwide will intensify. At the same time, European governments, already under huge political pressure at home, face the… Read More Afghanistan Betrayed